Paramount Care & Safety Ltd

Our Staff

Paramount Care and Safety employs staff who are experienced, confident and professional.

Staff are matched to individuals to achieve the best outcomes for the child, young person or adult with whom they are working. The one thing all our staff have in common is that they “care” about the children, young people or adults they are responsible for and the work they do with them.

This starts at the top of our company with the Managing Director and cascades right down to all our front line staff. It is an ethos we are proud of and the testimonials we receive only confirm our caring practice as staff go the “extra mile” and have a real “can do” attitude.

Managing Director: Ron West

Ron West is the Managing Director of Paramount Care and Safety Ltd and has more than 20 years experience with children, adults and families.

Ron is now semi-retired, but maintains an overview of the company.

 General Manager / CEO: Sue Martland

Sue Martland is the new General Manager/CEO for Paramount Care and Safety Ltd and has over 35 years experience, across the sector.

Sue has overall responsibility for the day to day management of the company, as well as being the "Nominated Individual" for CQC.

Interim Manager CQC: Diane Aspin

Diane Aspin is the Interim Manager for CQC overseeing the adult projects, managed by Paramount Care and Safety Ltd.

Diane has worked in a variety of care settings for the last 38 years and also has responsibility for the day to day management of Paramount Care and Safety Ltd.